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Types of Visits

Luscious Touch Massage

My Luscious Touch option is designed for those who enjoy sensual connection and feeling the electricity that is generated when two bodies come very close together.

This option starts with you face down on my bed while I slowly and lovingly rub and tickle, tantalize and nibble my way from your feet to your ears and back down again until the electrical charge I've generated within you bursts free into the physical world.

1 Hour Receptive      250 

You receive. Like a traditional massage, I may touch you, you do not touch me. This is a very delicious way to to build energy.

1 Hour Mutual         350

The boundaries are removed a little and you are welcome to share in the generating.

Luscious Love

The Luscious Love package starts out with us greeting and feeling into our connection. Being a Girlfriend Experience, you will find yourself very quickly at ease and comfortable. I have a talent for creating a safe space where we can be our authentic selves and enjoy being in the intimate and private presence of one another. I will very likely want to give you a massage, or desire that you give one to me. As we explore each other; our likes, desires, and passions, we become closer not only to one another, but also to ourselves and that magical feeling that lives only in the sensual connection between two people. Anything here is possible and dependent only on our chemistry and imagination....half an hour is pretty short for this kind of connection...choose wisely.

30 Minutes         300 

1 Full Hour         450

90 Minutes         600

2 Hours              700

4 Hour Date      1400


Rules of Engagement

I am professional, discreet, and heartfelt.  I expect the same commitment to quality connection from you. 

I expect you to share a little about yourself during the booking process so I know who I will be spending my time with. I also expect a token of expressed commitment so that I feel secure that you are an honest gentleman and plan on following through with our arrangement. This can be in the form of a deposit, reputable references, or a copy of your legal identification. If none of these options works for you I will consider a public meet and greet encounter. These encounters can last between 30 - 90 minutes and require a donation of $100/hr.


You come to me as a gentleman. You bring me words of affection and appreciation

You ask politely for the things you want and are a good communicator. You value and respect boundaries and our time. You love the look and feel of a woman's body as she lovingly caresses and pays attention to your entire body. You can't keep your hands off of me. You love to massage my ass and feet. You love to travel and want to explore the world. You like hot water, showers and head to toe caresses.

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