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A romantic at heart, I was designed for, and am passionate about, giving and receiving pleasure.
I enjoy every tantalizing moment shared between our bodies, minds, and hearts. I like being creative and playful. I love to massage you, your feet, all of your beautiful parts with all of my beautiful parts. I believe with my whole being that we were put on this Earth to discover and feel JOY and PLEASURE. Exploring the chemistry between two people is one of my favorite things about being alive!  I'm excited to discover what our unique connection feels like!!

I've always been a lover and a giver, an artist and hedonist.

I enjoy all things luscious: silks, velvets, cottons, symphonies, orchestras, quality sound systems, clouds, oil paintings, chocolates, steaks, butter, mashed potatoes and gravy, whipped cream, mousse, craft cocktails, and sippin' whiskey.

I want to touch you
Your senses: I love hearing joy in your voice and pleasure in the sounds you make when with me. I sweep over filling you with so much sensation that your mind is released from limitations.

I want to play with you

Your heart:  I love to tickle and tease, giggle and gulp. My eyes love to look deep into yours and ride the thrill of us. Let me escort you to another world.

I want to know you

Your dreams: what brings you pleasure, what makes you smile. What makes you laugh, where does your heart want to go. 

I want to feel you

Getting closer: Your lips, fingers, arms and legs. Your heart beat: entering my smooth, inviting womanly warmth.

Interested in Gifting​

I know how good it feels to give gifts to those that warm my heart. If you're feeling like doing the same for me, here are some things that would make me giddy and glow! My Amazon wish list.

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